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In a remote corner of northeastern Zimbabwe, the interaction between conflict and business operations became abundantly clear. As an advisor to a conservation initiative in the region, Scott Parker saw first hand how business goals and community goals can conflict. Conflict with some local community members over access rights, anti-poaching regimes and informal mining claims, along with political and economic instability in the region, created too many problems for the management team to deal with effectively. Ultimately, the initiative failed.

With the end of that project, Scott decided to enter into business school and earn an MBA focused on sustainable business and new venture development. This education would supplement his 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. But the issues of conflict remained: how could an organization manage the kinds of challenges Scott witnessed in Zimbabwe?

Additional knowledge on the nature and management of conflict was gained while completing a MA in Conflict Analysis and Management.  Scott wanted more insight on how conflict and business might co-exist.  His academic work, coupled with a long history of business and travel, led him to form 44 Advisement Inc., a consultancy created to help businesses and non-profit organizations integrate conflict management into their operations.